The start of a new beginning

They say, change is the only constant. I don't really know how I was going to use this quote but let's just say that it is somehow related.

This blog is a test, exactly the same as Life, it's ever-changing. Although the shelf life of a blog can't be determined so accurately considering the mysteriousness of this world. On the other hand, life is predictable. It has to stop it's course one day. No one can deny that.

Life is like three breaths, each separated by infinity. A breath that we have taken, a breath that we are taking right now & the one which we may or may not get to take. That's the harsh reality of life. It's up to us what we do while we wait for that one precious breath. It might not come, but it's the hope, even hopelessness sometimes, that keeps us going. And that's the main thing. We have to keep going. We can't & mustn't stop.